On Time…


This one was two last time I blogged. Now she is four. FOUR. Time. Ohhhhh those ruthless hands of time. The giving. The taking. Always changing. Constantly moving. Much like the journey through mothering a houseful of young kids. Lots of giving. A little bit of taking. Forever changing. Continually in motion. Each day full of promise and hope. Each night full of dreams and prayers.

I’ve missed my little space here. I miss the writing. Ohhh how I miss the writing. The reflecting. But time? Time is a gift and one that I have very, very little of for myself these days. And that’s okay. This is the path I chose – the path I wanted. I love my life and wouldn’t change a single thing about it! It just means less time to write, to document, to share the stories of our little world. I’ve been capturing the details of our everyday all year – most days anyway. Pulling out my camera even when it’s inconvenient to freeze just a snippet of time. A fleeting moment. Photos I cherish with the depths of my soul. The real, raw moments. The things I want to remember. The things I pray I never forget.

I am craving simplicity. I desperately want my blog white. Clean. I need that in order to keep me inspired to come back!! But today, I have just a few moments and decided to quit making excuses and share – even if it is short. I’ve got to start back somewhere!



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  1. Jess   –  

    Bethany!!! I was just thinking of you a few weeks ago and wondering how you were doing! Kamee flew to NC and met up with our family to take pictures! Please post an update with pictures of your kiddos!!!




Love Letters

It’s late. My eyes are bleary after a short night and a full day. All four kids are snuggled soundly into their beds under the warm comfort of their blankets. The familiar constant of their sound machines softly fills each room with noise as night lights cast a tiny glow. The temperature outside is dropping as night settles in and an arctic blast pushes south. Music plays softly in the background as I reflect on the images I am about to share. I made it. One month. A photo a day on my “big girl camera” – well, except for those two days where I didn’t pick it up but snapped a ton of keepers the following days so I just kinda borrowed a couple!

I’m really, really proud of myself for sticking with this challenge. I only hope I can use this momentum to carry me forward for the weeks and months to come. One day at a time. One day at a time.

I want to start something on here I’ve seen on other blogs. I want to write a letter to one or all of my kids each month. Tonight I am writing to all four of them…

Huntler, Gentry, Brighton and Baby Costner,

Sweet, sweet loves. I start these letters with the best of intentions – I want to provide you all with real, tangible letters and images of your childhood. A time when the days were long but the years were short. When patience wore thin but love grew stronger. There are so, so many things I want you to know about this time in our lives. Things I need you to know.

With each new year I become increasingly aware of how quickly the hands of time pass. How today turns into tomorrow and tomorrow turns into next month and next month into next year. It’s funny how despite all of this, I can remember how slowly time marched on as a child. How I didn’t think I was ever going to grow up. And here I am, thirty two years old and all grown up. And how now I am desperately clinging on to time – begging it to slow down, even just a little bit.  It’s funny that way – time – it’s always giving and always taking. 

I am already fighting tears so I will keep tonight’s letter short. I love you. You are probably thinking, “We know that Mom,” but truly, I.love.you. More than you can even fathom. A strong, unconditional, fierce love. The kind of love that stops you in your tracks and rocks you to your core. Someday you’ll get it – you will.

And these photos I take every day? The ones that cause Huntler to roll his eyes, Gentry girl to turn on the charm and big smiles, Brighton to demand to see the LCD screen on my camera and Costner to stare at me stunned as he tries to figure out just where I went when I disappeared behind the lens? They are my most treasured possessions. Hands down. Everything else pales in comparison. These are the tiny pieces of our days that comprise our life that I never, ever, ever want to forget.

Tomorrow will come early and I already feel like I am not making one bit of sense, so with that, I will close. But know, always, always, always, always know, how deeply I love each of you. I am so blessed to be your mama.

Mommy :)

Day14 (1)



Before school. And so very Huntler. SO.VERY.Huntler.


Daddy was still recovering from the flu…


Super Brighty…


When one iPhone isn’t enough…


Pinewood Derby


Papa Ronnie and Grandma Brenda {my grandparents} came to visit. In all her excitement, Brighton called Papa Ronnie “Peppa Roni.” :)







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  1. Jess   –  

    great job, Bethany! How I’ve missed you, my blogging friend!

  2. Nicole   –  

    Love it. Amazin pics!




The Everyday

Ummm…hello. Remember me? No? That’s okay – it’s been a long, long while. So long I nearly forgot how to log in! I haven’t blogged in eight months. Almost nine. Funny how I distinctly remember sitting down to write that last post like it was yesterday. Yet it was many, many moons ago. Time. It marches on, doesn’t it? Far too fast these days. Far.too.fast. 

So here I am…gently tapping the keys as I bounce around ideas in my mind of  just where I want to take this blog of mine this year and exactly what I hope to accomplish with it. Daydreaming mostly. More personally than professionally for sure. That is the season I am in. Not that I won’t be shooting for others this year – I will still do a few shoots here and there. I will also be completely revamping my blog and website with new branding. But actively seeking sessions I will not. Causing myself stress I will not. I can’t go there. I simply can’t. Somewhere among school drop off and pick up, laundry, cleaning, dishes, fixing meals, helping with homework, extra curricular activities, middle of the night feedings, diaper changes, sleep and just life in general, I’m not in a place to add much more. And I am completely okay with that. My kids are the number one reason I ever picked up a camera and started shooting in the first place. My true passion lies in documenting the everyday – our everyday.

I am once again challenging myself to a “365 project”  - Capturing the Everyday. It’s Day 21. So far I have picked up my big camera {opposed to my iPhone which I had gotten far too comfortable shooting with!} every single day and captured a memory. This is my third year. My track record isn’t great, but I’m okay with that. The moments I have managed to freeze the past two years as part of this challenge remain my most treasured images – for they are the every day memories that make up our life. Many of them aren’t perfect. They have shadows. They are noisy. The lighting is less than ideal. But they tug at my heartstrings and I would far rather have a collection of imperfect, tangible images than no photos at all. So I won’t defend these or justify them. They are what they are – beautiful moments that evoke emotion and take me back to the time and place they were taken and will continue to do so for years to come.

And so with 2013 underway, I’m vowing to remain true to myself and document the little things that make up our days. I can’t promise I will get around to sharing all of the photos I take for this challenge – I probably won’t – but in an attempt to keep some kind of records for our kids, I am going to try to be more present over here! Time will tell…

New Years Day sledding…

What’s that? You have a baby??? Oh yes, yes, we do. Costner. He made his big debut in August and completes our family.
Excited for the day I can shoot from this angle and that hideous green light fixture is GONE! Soon….soon!!!







They were so sick. Soooo sick.






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  1. Jess   –  

    AHHHH!! HI! Welcome back! I was SO excited to see this post come up in my RSS feed! CONGRATULATIONS! Baby Costner is so adorable!!! And oh my goodness… the big kids got bigger and your baby grew up!

  2. Nicole   –  

    Yay! so excited to see you back blogging! and does your new copyright on your photos have a little to do with your new branding? I love it. i am already failing at the everyday!




A Few of My Favorite Things…

I’ve seen these “Favorite Things” themed parties popping up on Pinterest and in the blog world – what little of the blog world I keep up with that is – and I’m fascinated! I’ve been wanting to have one since late fall, but as we all know, life happens and it doesn’t get done. I am, however, in the very beginning stages of trying to pull one together with a friend and I am SUPER excited. I have a lot of favorite things. Some are super cheap – some are not. Because I am always curious what fun finds others happen across {and because I am waiting on paint to dry and my kids are happily watching TV for a bit}, I thought it might be fun to post a few of my random loves!!

Nail polish. Specifically Essie nail polish. Or Sally Hansen “Hard as Nails.” Those are my two favorite brands by far. They both seem to handle the wear and tear known as life and don’t chip within hours. I have an entire tote FULL of nail color. Stuffed. Yet it is my number one guilty pleasure and a bottle always seems to end up in my cart. Does that ever happen to you? :) Right now I am wearing Playdate on my fingers. Fun, light, happy little spring shade of purple! Random fact about light purple I came across via a beauty blog :: it looks best on super short, manicured nails. That’s what “they” say anyway!! Made me feel good – mine are always super short these days!!


Essie Playdate

Looks like they have some fun new colors – I will take a bottle of each please! Because, you know, the other 12 bottles of pink I have are ever so slightly different!!

I don’t have the time or the patience to figure out how to get the bottles all lined up perfectly, let alone the names all lined up perfectly over the color, so here is a link to the new spring collection, Poppy – Razzi! You can check it out for yourself!



This lip balm. Hands down the best stuff EVER. I am currently scraping mine out of the bottom of the container waiting for our next trip to a town with a Victoria’s Secret so I can snag some more. I lather this on every.single.night.

Falsies mascara by Maybelline. I realize I look high maintenance with all of these beauty products, but believe me, I am far from it!!! I started using this right after it came out and have been hooked ever since!

Fresh Cotton room spray from Bath and Body Works. After we painted the girls’ room and hung their curtains {there are EIGHT panels}, it needed a little bit of freshening up!! Despite several rounds in the dryer, I just could not get rid of that factory smell that came with the packaged curtains! And so I ended up with a bottle of this! I am truly not sure if it helped, but as time has gone on, the scent has vanished! I still spray it almost daily just because I am paranoid and because it smells fresh and clean!

Good & Plenty. No, I don’t buy it in bulk and I don’t buy a box every time I am at the store, but this is my candy weakness!

Krylon Glitter Blast spray paint. Love love love this stuff. Would you believe it if I told you I glittered up a deer antler Chris and the kids found? Yep. Silver. I figure if I am going to use an antler as decor, that baby is going to shine! I’ll share that I searched high and low for this stuff and finally happened upon it at Michael’s. Print out a 40% off coupon and you’re set! I will also share that not all of  my experiences with this {there have been several!!} have been good. I am pretty sure that when the can reads “Shake for three minutes,” it means it. Otherwise it might keep shooting out when your finger isn’t even on the nozzle. Not that this has happened to me or anything!!!! ;)

Mossimo Long and Lean tanks. I LOVE these. I wear them all the time. Even super pregnant because they are long enough to cover my ever growing belly!

Sonic. Enough said. Route 44 Cranberry Grape slush. Preferably at Happy Hour.

Okie doke! I could go on and on, but it is now dinner time and I need to get!! Any faves of yours that I MUST know about? Do share!!!!


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  1. Rachel Eyre   –  

    I had to look your blog up since I am missing you on Facebook! I can’t believe how much those kiddos are growing up! And remember, none of us can do it all. If anyone came to my house after we left for a day at school, they may think we have been robbed by the items strewn around in our rush to get out of the door. I just don’t post those pics online. :)




Waiting for My Real Life to Begin

Edited to add: I wrote this post two weeks ago, LATE LATE LATE at night. I was beyond exhausted and didn’t publish it for fear of sounding too negative. Just know, I am in a really good place!!! I’ve given some things up for now, but not forever! My kids are happy and healthy. We are good!! Truly good!! Changes are coming to Hissyfits Photography and I AM still squeezing in a session every now and again!!!

As my fingers gently tap the keys in the darkness of this eerily cool and cloudy spring night and the wind shakes the forest of trees just beyond the windows, my mind wanders. This song plays on repeat in the background. Tears come and go. Exhaustion outweighs what I know in my mind to be right. Doubt creeps in. Clarity follows.

I’ve spent the last few hours editing images and wording this post in my mind. It’s hard to find that perfect post to follow up a nearly three month hiatus. But then again, there is no perfect…

Life has been busy. Three kids. Three busy kids. Three busy kids each going in a different direction. An hour and a half a day shuttling little people to and from school. More on nights when we have soccer or scouts or any other random activity in town. I’m good with that. This season in life is so, so short. I’m willing to make sacrifices because that’s what moms do. We give up little bits and pieces of ourselves in hopes that the payout far outweighs the sacrifice. My hope? My hope is that my kids will one day cherish the fact that I refused to bus them to school because I loved them enough to want to spend those extra fifteen minutes each way to town and back with them. Is it always happy and cheery? Ha! Far from it. Most days we rush out the door frazzled. Most days they fight. Most days I have to get on to them for their attitudes. But that’s life. That’s my real life…and it’s begun.

I tend to get so caught up in worrying about tomorrow or next week or next year and the five hundred million things that need done, I forget to live today. In waiting my real life to begin, I forget to live. I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I’m craving simplicity in my life. I’m giving things up as I attempt to be a better mom. A better wife. A better daughter. A better friend. I quit a book club I was so excited to be part of before I ever even attended one meeting because the thought of having to complete a book and then trek to town once a month to discuss it was more than I could handle. I quit Facebook. Completely. My poor blog is grossly neglected. I maybe check two or three other blogs once a week? I’ve failed miserably at “Capturing the Everyday.” My photography biz is on hold. Many, many tears have been shed in the last few weeks/months as I’ve made some hard decisions and come to some tough realizations, but as time marches on, I stand a little taller. It is hard – so so so so so so so so so so so hard – to put off things I truly want to do. But just as hard? Simply accepting that I cannot do it all. My overachiever, “I can do it all,” perfectionistic personality has struggled greatly with this. But it’s going to be okay. It already is. Sometimes just accepting with your heart what you know in your head is the hardest part. My heart is full… :)

While we don’t hear each tick of the clock, we know time keeps on ticking. Those minutes turn into hours and the hours days and weeks. Time heals. Yet at the same time, it steals moments away. Funny how that works. I am making a point to be present in the lives of my kids and my family. I often find myself thinking of how much easier life would have been in the 50′s or 60′s. How different culture was back then and how much has changed. While I certainly don’t want to give up some of our modern conveniences, I long for days where life seemed simple and safe and everyone was happy and carefree. I want that life. It’s 2012 but I want that life. Where kids ride their bikes all over and we don’t worry about them being kidnapped. Where clothes hang on the line outside to dry. Where people have morals and standards and are truly decent.

I want it for them…

I want it for this one too… {Baby #4 due August 2012}

{I’m guessing Baby #4 explains part of my absence and my need to prioritize and let some things go for now…}

These little ones are growing up so fast. So incredibly fast. In three weeks Huntler will wrap up first grade. His first year at a new school – his forever school – will be under his belt. He’s made friends. He’s made memories. He’s thrived. He’s lost teeth. He’s gained independence and confidence. He’s conquered new skills. He’s learned some hard lessons. He taught us more than we could ever imagine along the way…

In two short weeks Gentry girl will wrap up kindergarten. Her days of half day school will be behind her as we roll into summer. She’s tested us. Greatly. But she’s taught us. Greatly. She loves like no other and has been my little buddy. Next year just might rock my world more than hers…

Ohhhh Brighton. Ornery, cute, cuddly little Brighton. She’s two months shy of two. Already. Smart as a whip. Sassy as her sister. Her own personality.

I look at these images as I feel our new little one kick and move inside me and I know that everything is going to be okay. I may not be able to do it all, but I am hoping the things I AM able to do matter the most…..

Until next time… :)

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  1. Trish   –  

    oh my word… look how long Brighton’s hair is!!! she looks so much older than little levi! such cuties you have!

  2. Jess   –  

    This was a wonderful update :) Its okay to let things go and simplify your life :)

  3. Grandma Debbie   –  

    Really appreciate the post! Sorry it took me this long to get to it. Guess you’re not the only one who struggles to do everything in a timely manner and live up to their own expectations… :>) I’m glad you have the sense to talk yourself through the times that sometimes seem to crash in all around us. You have so much going for you and BECAUSE of you. You really are the super person you try so hard to be! Love you.




January – Complete

I did it!! WAHOO!!!! The first month is done!! Thirty one photos taken, edited and forever frozen in time! Did I possibly miss a day or two or three in there but capture an extra one the next day to make up for it? Yes. Or maybe take two on one day that I loved so much I saved one for the next? Yep, I did. But I’m okay with that. I mean, really, at the end of the day {or week or month or year}, it doesn’t matter. It’s about taking the time to capture the memories when I more than likely wouldn’t have pulled out my camera otherwise…taking two on one day instead of one each and every day isn’t what I will remember. What I will remember are the moments.

And because I obviously have less time to blog than I used to, I’ll cut to the chase!! Here are the images!!

Day 18 – An afternoon of Guess Who while Huntler was at school and Brighton was napping.

Day 19 – Oh how I wish she were always this happy in the big cart while at Target!!! We went twice in two days the week this was taken and let me just say it was NOT pretty!!! We haven’t been back if that tells you anything!

Day 20 – Meany faces. Ohhhh the drama.

Day 21 – First time to get TWO pigtails!!! I talked myself back out of getting her hair cut. When it’s fixed, it is actually super cute. The curls. Ohhhh the cute little curls. But that happens all of two days a week, maybe. The other five it is fuzzy and crazy, but surely I’ll be better about fixing it in the spring when she actually gets out and sees people? Surely? Right? :)

Day 22 – Valentines. I’ve been pinning ideas for months over on Pinterest. My mind was swimming with possibilities. And then we entered Target and my ideas for cute, unique, homemade valentines were shot out the window at the sight of monkey tattoos and paper airplanes. I was bummed at first – I was – but I quickly realized just how much time and stress that saved me!!

Day 23 -Just how many people can we cram around one iPhone? ;)

Day 24 – Beautiful country sunrise. I captured this at the foot of our driveway on the way to school one morning.

Day 25 – Huntler had a BAD accident at school. The kind that warrants a call from the nurse to come pick your child up early because he may need to be seen in the emergency room. He tripped and fell at recess {over a kid} and crashed down chin first onto a balance beam. It won. Blood everywhere. Huge holes in his bottom lip where his teeth all but went through – the super bad one is on the inside of his bottom lip which you can’t see here, but trust me, it’s gross!! Permanent tooth knocked loose. BIG BAD FALL. After a trip to the ER and the dentist, stitches were ruled out as they would make only a minuscule difference in the scarring and would be more traumatic than they were worth. The dentist thinks that top permanent tooth will tighten back up, but we have to go back in a couple of weeks to have it checked. It’s healing. The scabs are coming off the outside of the lip and the swelling is down, but the inside has a ways to go!

This little guy is one tough cookie. I was barely able to fight the tears myself when I walked into the nurse’s office at school to get him. His eyes were bloodshot and he looked terrible, but he was being SO tough. Broke my heart to see him so upset and in pain. After that first night though he has said it hasn’t hurt at all and has handled it all like a champ! Seriously brave kiddo!

Day 26 – A shot with my good camera the next morning before school. Because fat lips like this and big falls have to be documented!!

Day 27 – She woke up on the wrong side of the crib.

Day 28 – Pinewood Derby for Boy Scouts. His car didn’t place, but he did earn a certificate for “Best use of Materials.” He had working headlights and sound!! He has already made it clear that he wants to go for speed, not coolness, next year.

Day 29 – Has anyone seen Brighton? I cannot find her ANYWHERE!!

Day 30 – Tea Party

Day 31 – This is not what I set out to capture. Huntler was quietly laying in the chair reading facts on the states – because he is smart like that!! – and while I was taking photos of him, this moment happened. Pretty sure it is way better than what I was trying to get!

And that, my friends, is a wrap!!


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  1. Love them all!! But mostly, I can’t believe how big Brighton is! Go you for keeping up with it all month. :)

  2. Tammy Herchel   –  

    I would love to stalk you on Pinterest! I’m such a big fan of your blog/pics ever since I started seeking out photo ideas for my precious darlin’ Milliebug (not too much younger than Brighton!) If we ever make it alllll the way out to Kansas, I will dress her up with ruby slippers and we’ll find our way to the front of your lens. :)

  3. Grandma Debbie   –  

    WOW! What a post! Love all the pics as usual, except the ones of Huntler’s lip brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad, though, that it’s hopefully superficial. The one of Brighton in the cart made me lol. Gentry is looking SO BIG! Great to see Huntler in his cub scout uniform. Is he sporting a new hairstyle or was that just the way his hair was in the photo ops? Love all the tender family time photos as well. Can’t wait to see all of you sometime this month! Have a good week! Love ya.




I Knew I Would Have Trouble Blogging!!

Taking the photos is easy. Finding the time to edit them is a bit more challenging. Finding the time to blog them is darn near impossible!! Every.single.time I sit down at the computer Brighton is on me. She instantly starts climbing up the shelves on the desk while hanging onto the chair for dear life to get on me. And then she mauls me. And then I give up and quit whatever I am doing and it quite simply doesn’t get done.

But she is napping now and I am making the time to get these images on here before any more days creep by without an update!!

So, here ya go!!

Day 8 – Huntler watching Gentry play a game on the DS

Day 9 – Work never ends….

Day 10 – Don’t let the “Angel” on her shirt fool you. This little cookie monster is ORNERY!!!

Day 11 – The moon looked so big on our way to school one morning so I popped out and snapped this on my phone. Funny how it looks so tiny here…

Day 12 – We had a dusting of snow. She piled it up on the deck and played and played!

Day 13 – That Humpty Dumpty just popped right out of there! Did you see that?!!! LOVE the emotion this one shows!

Day 14 – Heading out to dinner

Day 15 – Working on Huntler’s Pinewood Derby car. This is super grainy and not good quality at all, but you get what you get when you take photos in the deep dark depths of the scary basement!!!

Day 16 – I have NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER regretted sneaking in to any of their rooms and taking photos of them sleeping. EVER.

Day 17 – My big school kids snacking!

Whew!! Yesterday’s and today’s images have been taken! Now just to squeeze in editing and blogging them!!! Holy moly this is harder this year than it was last year!! BUT – with that being said, those things worth having don’t always come easy!! And believe you me, these images {edited!!} are worth every bit of the work!!!



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  1. Nicole   –  

    It is so tough. The pictures are priceless. I have been making an attempt to do it during nap times here. edit a few, then on the weekends i have been squeezing in the time to put them into layouts for a book. Sometimes it seems impossible and i am ending up with about 25% phone pics, but at least they are pictures right? and memories for sure!

  2. Jess   –  

    they are growing up so fast!

  3. Grandma Debbie   –  

    Was pleasantly surprised to see you updated again! This is great. Love all the pics of the whole family! The captions you put with them just make them all the better.




Week One :: Capturing the Everyday

Sorry for the delay in posting these. My blog was hacked into since my last post and I haven’t been able to log in since I tried last Sunday. Go figure that when I am actually ready to start posting regularly, I can’t!! That is seriously so my luck! But here I am now – better late than never!! And since I am realistic enough to know that I won’t be able to post daily, loading a week’s worth of images and sharing them all at once is fine!

Have you been shooting? Phone pics? Fancy camera pics? Anything? I am so proud of myself for making the time to do this!! I kept up with it so well until our big move last summer and then while I continued to shoot, I did NOT continue to edit. At all. And I don’t have the time or patience to go back and touch up five months worth of images! So it feels SO good to be starting fresh this year!! Now my biggest challenge is to find some sort of digital pages “system” so that I can pop my pics in at the end of every week, add a tad bit of journaling and save the file for next January when I am ready to print my book. I have searched and searched and searched to no avail in finding something that I like. I found one that would work only to discover that the store closed last summer so I can’t purchase the kit. :(

ETA: I am currently chatting with an Etsy seller who loves the idea of designing something like this!! I know at least a few of you are interested so as it all comes to life I’ll be sure to post a link!!!

And with that, here are my images for the past week…

Gentry got a Caboodle for Christmas. So did I. I had one of these when I was a kid and LOVED it!! I figured I still would. She loves hers too.

Brighton got some baby Toms for Christmas. Confession – I do 99% of my shopping at Target, Kohl’s and Old Navy. I did not even know what Toms were until I happened upon them on Pinterest. Not sure that they are my personal style, but I love love love them on her!!

Huntler on the Wii. Need I say more?

Wednesday night Chris and I went to the KU vs K-State basketball game. He is a K-State graduate and while they didn’t win, we had a fun time!

Her first pigtail. SIGH.

Baby legs.

Smarty pants – mapping it. {They trace around the outside of a puzzle to get the outline and then they remove each piece, tracing around those to get each state! This is one time consuming project!!}

There are my first seven!!! I have today’s on my camera and hope to upload and edit it tonight! But for now I must go help pick up, start supper, throw some laundry in and other general house tasks that have to be done!!

With the chaos of the holidays I never did check on any sort of way to link up, but if you leave a comment on this post and are taking part, I’ll add you to my blogroll and come check out what you have been up to!!!

See you soon with more photos of “The Everyday!!”


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  1. Jess   –  

    Yay! I’m glad you are back to blogging! :) Those little toms are adorable (but I like them better on kids than adults!). I just posted my first 7 from 365!

  2. Nicole   –  

    I posted my first seven too! I love the pics you posted. Thank you for the inspiration:)

  3. Jaime   –  

    This is great.
    I have actually been posting everyday…whoo hooo…

    I love the Toms…those are adorable. I need them!!

  4. Grandma Debbie   –  

    Glad you are back! I love seeing the pics and reading what’s going on with all of you. Thanks for sharing! Love ya.




Is Anybody Out There?

Hello!! Hello!!! Hello!!!!!!!!!!! Remember me? It has “only” been four months after all. FOUR MONTHS. Wow wow wow. They have flown! We are so, so happy to be back. The kids are thriving and we are loving this new chapter in our lives. My lack of posting probably speaks to that!! We have been busy catching up with family, spending time with old friends and making new. Then there is the hour and a half to hour and forty five minutes I spend in the car every day driving kids to and from school {which I am fine with because I don’t want them on the bus yet – but it takes a good chunk of time!!}. And chasing after Brighton. That one is ORNERY. And then there is the painting. LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of painting!! I did squeeze in a few shoots this fall, but my focus has been elsewhere since the move!

That being said, I MISS it!! And I REALLY REALLY miss my “Everyday Moments” challenge that I started this year. So I am bringing it back to life in 2012!!! My goal will be much like it was this past year, to take a photo a day. Some will be posed. Some will be moments. Some will be carefully crafted on the 5D. Some will be shot on my iPhone. And to be honest, I am certain I’ll miss days. That’s life. There are no rules. Just capturing the everyday. {I think I am going to change the name and just call it The Everyday.”}

With that, I am just here posting a little warning so if anyone wants to join in with me, they can be prepared! Maybe we can somehow link up? How would that work? Since I prefer to shoot everyday {opposed to a Project 52 or something like that}, it might not be realistic to link up daily? Especially because I am certain I won’t blog daily but post a few at a time??? Hmmm….if there is any interest I’ll see what I can dream up!

And since I haven’t posted photos in FOUR months…I’ll share just a peek at my little loves and how they have changed and grown!


And from our family to yours…

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  1. Jodee Leader   –  

    Welcome back! We missed you! Love, love, love your holiday card this year. So glad you are home this holiday season!

  2. Nicole   –  

    Love the card – And oh, my goodness, the kiddos :) so adorable. I am with you for “The Everyday” challenge. I am certain I will miss plenty of days, but I’m going to try.

  3. Laura   –  

    I’m in!!! Not sure about how to link up though! Let me know if you come up with something!!
    Going to post my “day 1″ now! YAY!! Thanks for the nudge and inspiration!




Catch Up

I am going to be playing catch up forever…I accept that. These photos were edited long before we ever left but in the chaos of packing and goodbyes and everything that comes with moving, they didn’t get shared. So as I attempt to clean up my computer folders, here are a few of my Everyday Moments from a few weeks ago!!

This was taken on her birthday – June 27.

Oh how I love me a sleeping photo…

This little guy is so cute I just want to squeeze him!! He lost his two front teeth only a week apart! We had a mini session on my bed to document the huge milestone!

And my personal fave… This is real life. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.

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  1. Grandma Debbie   –  

    Love the pics and the post below! SOOOOO glad to have you back home. Love ya.

  2. Bethany, I miss your blog! Did I miss you moving to a new one, or are you just not writing anymore? Hope all is well with you, your hubby and those sweet kiddos. :)

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