A Little Bit of Everything…

Miss me? It seems I have been MIA for a week! Goodness, where does the time go?! Seriously? It seems as though the days are just flying by and leaving me behind, standing in the dust!! Oh how I wish I could slow the hands of time, if even just a bit!

Things here are good!! It is hot of course, but that goes without saying considering we live in the desert! Have I mentioned yet today how much I can’t wait to move back to Kansas? This just isn’t my cup of tea…at all!

So what in the world have I been up to? Why editing pics and party planning of course!! :) I am in full candy swing around here and LOVING it! This is by far the most elaborate party I have planned for either one of my kiddos! Every last little detail has been thought out and it is, quite simply, going to be over the top fun! And if it isn’t fun, well, then the cuteness factor will totally outweigh that! But who doesn’t have fun at a party with candy EVERYWHERE?! Seriously?

I am sure many of you were wondering what in the world I was thinking months ago when I started working so far ahead. Heck, I may have even wondered that very same thing! But, when planning something as detail oriented as this, you just have to. Otherwise lots of my little projects simply wouldn’t get done! And no one wants that, now do they?!

So…I’ll give ya a little run down on what is on my mind today and share some pics here and there of my weekend projects!

1. This is Huntler’s last week of school. CRAZY. My little guy will be officially done with his first year of preschool as of Thursday. We are still debating on what to do this summer. His school offers two week sessions throughout the summer months and we can pick and choose which sessions we want to put him in, if any. I am just worried he will be bored out of his mind here all day, every day. Plus, there is the whole fighting drama that I deal with most days and I am just not quite sure I am up for that all day, every day, all summer long! We’ll see! The jury is still out on that one!

2. I am still working out like a crazy girl! Remember that post where I wanted all your advice on the Spanx and what I should do about cramming myself into that black dress I hadn’t worn since before I got pregnant with Huntler? Well, a few days before that post I started working out and I have been hard at it ever since. I have missed very few days and the more into my routine I get, the less I miss. I even worked out all weekend because I felt guilty when I didn’t? Insane, I know. BUT…when you can tell you are losing weight and feeling better, all the sweat and pain are worth it. I am down to 123.5 from 131.5 and feeling great! I would really like to get to 120…but I don’t know how realistic that is. Maybe by the end of the summer? At this point I don’t seem to be losing much. But I am okay with that too. It is really about making lifestyle changes and getting healthier as well as teaching our kids healthy habits. And as of yesterday, I even have Chris on the bandwagon! Of course, he is turning it into a competition as to who can burn the most calories, but whatever works!! And I tried on the black dress over the weekend…fits perfectly! Although, I could still benefit from the Spanx to firm up my not so firm body!

3. I ordered this today. I am making {or possibly buying knowing my baking skills…or lack thereof!} cupcakes for the party and am going to jazz this baby up with ribbon and paper and make it pop for Gentry’s party!! I first saw it here and then here. I tried Michael’s armed with my 40% off coupon but couldn’t even find a spot for it…same with JoAnn’s. So, I just ordered it online. That is easier anyway! I love this kind of fun stuff!!

4. Here is a shot of our pantry yesterday. The picture is pretty much straight out of the camera and has a horrific tint to it because of the incandescent lighting and the lack of natural light in this part of our house. Just ignore that and look at all the lollipop fun! The bottom three shelves on the back wall are loaded up with candy and decor! You are looking at HOURS and HOURS of work right there! This stuff is taking over our house! We have been buying a bag of candy each time to go to Sam’s to avoid having to buy a whole ton the week of!! Seems to be working out well! The kids have pretty much forgotten all about it and never even mess around with my stuff and I have exerted way more self control that I ever thought possible and leave it alone!

You might also notice all my galvanized buckets. I LOVE those things and have quite the collection!


5. We had a super uneventful weekend. It is times like this weekend that I realize just how alone we really are out here. I told Chris that the happiest times I have ever had here are when we have company…cookouts on the patio, swims, smores, road trips, yummy food, fun stuff. The rest of the time {which is most of the time} it seems as though we do just enough to get by. Sad, but true.

6. I am SO not a cook. Or a baker. Never have been, never will be. I prefer simple, easy meals and desserts. I made this DELICIOUS dessert last summer for the first time and we LOVE it! I just made more last week and had Chris buy the stuff to make it again this week! {Yes, he even does 99% of our grocery shopping…I don’t like that part of meal preparation either!!} The good thing is, you can buy low fat everything so that makes it just a little better for ya! I took one to a playdate last week and the moms LOVED it! Super easy…try it and let me know if you love it too!

7. I was feeling inspired to make some bright, cheery little letter blocks for Gentry’s bash. Something like this. However, I was struggling with what to have them spell out since I have another sign in the works and also a banner. So…I did a little searching and found this bit of creative fun!! Totally combines my crafty side with my love of photography! My blocks have been painted but that is it so far!

8. So the blocks started me on a mission! See these clothes pins? I bought them last year and stashed them away, completely forgotten! That was until I was digging out the blocks and I came across them! They were plain jane wood until I took some bright paint, glitter, patterned paper and mod podge to them!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!! A lot!! And that piece of candy attached to the blue one? Found that on Etsy…it was also plain jane MDF and I jazzed it up! I actually ordered a whole bunch of them in different shapes and sizes!! Super fun, friends, super fun! I am going to matte a couple of pictures on cardstock and use these as little picture holders!


9. If you are having a “sweet” bash anytime in the future or are looking for some candy-ish scrapbooking supplies, Colorbok has a whole line of fabulous papers and embellishments out right now. Check out the packaging…it is almost too cute to rip into!! I found mine at JoAnn’s and if you time it right you can get it 40% off! I just picked up a couple more things over the weekend that were on sale!!

10. Are you keeping up with the Jon and Kate drama? I watched the season premier last night. It was so, so sad. I just sat there watching and thinking about how sad it truly is. There is so much anger on both sides. I am so, so truly blessed to have such an amazing marriage. I can’t even fathom the turmoil they are dealing with right now.

11. Keeping in line with reality TV…what about The Bachelorette? I haven’t had a chance to watch last night’s episode yet but will soon! My gut instinct is Jake, the pilot. We’ll see how far he makes it!

12. I need your help. I am getting ready to start designing Gentry’s invites and am needing some input on the wording. All I really know at this point is that somewhere it will say, “Don’t Miss a Lick.” That’s all I’ve got. So hit me with your best wording ideas…anything to do with candy or sweetness. I’m game!

13. If you aren’t going to do your own invites, I made a new Etsy friend who has a cute little shop! And she happens to live in Arizona too! Her stuff is darling…check it out!

14. Now back to my darling stuff! Can I say that? That I think my stuff is darling? I think I can… Oh, and if you notice the little black dots on the piece of candy in the first one, that is glitter. I had about 6 colors out and of course they got mixed together! It isn’t nearly as noticeable in real life!!



After I made those two clothes pin picture holders, I wanted more! Of course, I couldn’t find the jumbo clothes pins, so I had to “settle” for something different. {I am 99% sure I bought those clothes pins on super sale at the end of last summer…they must have been seasonal.} And although I thought I was “settling” for these, I LOVE THEM!! I may just have to go get some more to have on hand! They too were just plain wood and I painted, glittered and embellished them! If I had the time to have an Etsy shop, it would be SO fun! All sorts of party decor! But, I don’t. So instead I’ll just dream! And by the way, I found these at Michael’s in the summer craft area…not with the dowels and other wood where you would think they would be!! {Hope you don’t mind me always babbling about where I find things…I just like to share because I cannot tell you how many times I have read blogs and wondered “Where did they find that?”}

15. And then I made a frame. I have like four more of these to go!! This one is my least favorite weekend creation, but it will work!


16. Anyone now planning a colorful candy bash?! Share your ideas with me if you are!! I also happen to have a give away in the works for sometime in June that will give you the chance to win some of your very own candy fun!! Stay tuned!!

17. I want this picture, bad. I absolutely LOVE Sheye and her photography {I took her two workshops last year}. Did I mention yet that I also absolutely love this picture?! So sweet!


Alright, I think that is it for my random babbling tonight!! I should get ready for bed…the only downside to this new workout obsession I have is that it is zapping all my energy!! I must not be doing something right…still trying to figure it all out!

Don’t forget to share any of your wording ideas with me! Or anything else you can think of!! I am all for suggestions!!

Happy day friends!!

12 Responses to “A Little Bit of Everything…”

  1. Bethany – SO adorable! I LOVE the block photo holders! And of course, the photos are gorgeous!

    I can’t wait to see the entire SWEET party! I cannot believe your pantry is full of decorations and you haven’t even sent the invites out yet! You go, momma!

    Great job and thank you for the links!


  2. Lacey McKay   –  

    Wow! You have been busy! I used to have more energy for stuff like that, but lately, it just seems easier to buy stuff already made. Speaking of which, are you planning to sell any of the decorations from Gentry’s party after it’s all over? I’d like to have a candyland party for one of my girls someday, but I know I’ll never have the energy to make all of the decor for it. If you ever want to sell it, let me know! I think you should keep it, just in case you ever open up your own studio because that stuff would be so cool for that, but if you decide you don’t want to store it or whatever, call me. Seriously.

    As for wording…how about something like:

    “Sugar and spice and everything nice…that’s what little girls are made of.”

  3. Bri   –  

    Hi Bethany! Love, love, love all your party ideas! I came across the following candy themed blog post earlier this week and thought of you. I think you may have this person beat in terms of creative ideas and details, but perhaps you might still find a couple inspiring photos.

    Happy Planning!


  4. shelly   –  

    kudos to you for keeping up a work out schedule! I used to be soooo good….then…..well, nope no more. I got to get back!

    love the lolli’s and other party goodies, cant wait to see more!

  5. Denise   –  

    Delicious!! My sweet tooth is a callin’!

    Can’t wait to see this all put together :)

  6. Ashley   –  

    CUTE stuff! I loved your ramblings! AND I loved my little linky shout out! I loved the links you emailed me – those photo blocks look fun! I will think today about some fun words you could make…how many blocks do you have? I love “tootsie” that you put on the frame! Oh – and I’m going to make some clothespins – I have some plain ones!! Thanks for such a fun post!!

  7. Rachel   –  

    You are so creative! The party will be so cute..wish we could be there!
    Love the candy stuff!

  8. Dawniele   –  

    How cute is this party going to be!!?? Oh my gosh…so cute! You should put together a how to sheet, because my sweet girl will be turning 2 in November and either I want to buy all your stuff from you or I need to get started making my own! So sweet.

  9. Drea!   –  

    Oh My goodness! Look at all this yummy sweet stuff! Oh how I wish Gaby could have a party this faboosh! I read thru all the old posts but since I came to see bday stuff…i decided to comment on this one! And I must say you are a FANTASTIC photographer! I love all the blast from the pasts! Sorry I have been MIA for awhile but believe me I will be back to see what other Skills your hiding! Hopefully you see this…Guess I’ll find out next time I see you! TTYL :o ) Drea

  10. Drea!   –  

    Oh mY goodness! I just realized you could know a million drea’s out there in internet world! So just to clarify it’s me Andrea from playgroup.
    PS I know I’m a nerd! ;)

  11. [...] little orange frame is one I made awhile back when I was crafting like crazy for this [...]

  12. Stacie   –  

    I love all of your ideas!! I’m planning my son’s 1st birthday party, which is Nov 7th. We’re doing WIlly Wonka, and I am sooo excited!! I love everything on your blog!

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