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Picket Fence

So back when Gentry turned one, I bought one of these little garden fences. The theme for that bash was ladybugs and the fence tied in perfectly. The day OF the party I remember frantically running around trying to get the plain jane little fence jazzed up for the big day…not having a clue where to even start! Thank goodness my parents were here and my dad stepped in and totally took that project over, making an adorable little garden with ladybugs and curly ribbon all over it for Gentry’s presents to be stored in.

So this year I thought it would be fun to use a little white picket fence once again. But this time I am totally on my own getting it all jazzed up! HOWEVER, I love how it turned out!! These pictures simply do NOT do it justice, at all!! The plan is to have some helium filled balloons tied here and there on the fence the day of the party. Once again, we’ll section off a little corner of the family room and stick her presents behind it!! I think I see a photo shoot coming up though with Gentry and the fence…along with some helium balloons!! Sometimes I just love my ideas…this is one of ‘em!!


Here are a couple of other views…a little closer up! I wish these lolly sticks were a different color, but they’ll work! I am probably the only one picking the darned thing apart anyway!!



And here are some close ups of the candy! I left some of them plain, but I mod podged paper onto these before covering them in diamond dust! I love that stuff but it can be slightly dangerous!! It is sharper than all get out and I totally poked a hole in my hand yesterday and was bleeding!! The hazards of crafting, I know!!




Aren’t they so fun?! There is NO way I am going to be able to top this party! Ever! I have got to start brainstorming on Huntler’s so that I can pull off something equally as special for him! His theme is “Under the Sea,” so if you have any ideas, let me know!!

Also, I am trying to figure out one of the games. It is going to be “Pin the Stick on the Lolly” or something to that effect. Any ideas that go along with this theme? I am open to suggestions! I seem to be stuck on this for some reason!

I have received several emails about what I am going to do with all of this candy decor once the party is over and if I am interested in selling it or renting it out. I am still debating all of that. On one hand, what am I really going to do with a whole bunch of cellophane wrapped styrofoam discs? But on the other hand, they are SO darn cute and I have spent a LOT of time and money on them! Plus, some of the lollies are a little on the large side and would be really tough to mail!! So, I just wanted to let those of you who have inquired know where I am on all of that!

I DO have pics of the kids to share, but I am going to save those for tomorrow or Wednesday so I don’t use up all my blogging material in one post!! Things around here have been quiet…just hanging out and enjoying the summer! It is super cloudy today…love that!! I think I’ll take advantage and take my non napping chicklets out for some pics!




There’s No Place Like Home…Kansas Session Update!

So I was asked about the details on scheduling a photo session while we are back in Kansas! I guess I had originally thought that I would just use the pricing and packages I currently have posted in the Details section of my blog. However, that simple question sparked the creative side of me and I of course had to come up with a catchy little name for a Kansas session special! Goodness, try to say that three times fast!

Since it is no secret that I long for the day when I can pack up my little family of four and head back to the wheat fields and green pastures of Kansas, “There’s No Place Like Home” seemed to be the perfect fit! For me, there truly is “No Place Like Home.” And so here are the details! If you have ANY questions whatsoever, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

There’s No Place Like Home


Session includes roughly two hours of my time and talent behind the camera {we’ll shoot until we know we have plenty of keepers!!}. Outfit changes are permitted. Please let me know if you have something or some place specific in mind for the shoot. This price is for 5 people…please add an additional $10 per person for any more than 5.

Included in the package:

1 – 8 x 10 or 8 x 8 print

4 – 5 x 7 or 5 x 5 prints

4 –  4×6 prints

2 sets of 8 wallets {you will receive 8 of each pose}

2 – 3.5 x 5 prints

{An additional set of wallets can be substituted for the two 3.5 x 5 prints if you so choose.}

1 full quality digital image with full print rights

One half the total {$87.50} is due at the time you book your session and is non-refundable. The remainder will be due the day before your scheduled session. You can expect to see sneak peaks on my blog within a few days of the session and to have your online album available within a couple of weeks. Due to the fact that these sessions will be taking place in Kansas, the editing will take a bit longer!

If you want additional sizes or prints, those can be ordered for 10% off the prices listed in the Details section of my blog. Additional digital files are also available but not at a discount.

This is a $275 value.




Kansas Sessions

WAHOOO!! I managed to post again before a week had passed! This is something for the history books! I am hoping against hope to get back in a posting groove again…I MISS blogging!! And I also feel super guilty when I get my weekly email of stats and see that so many of you continue to check in and I am not doing my part and posting something new to read!! Sometimes life just gets busy and time gets away!


I am happy to share that before too long we will be back in Kansas for a week or so and I simply can NOT wait!! I would also love to book a few sessions in the sunflower state while we are visiting! So, if you are in the Topeka, Emporia or Winfield areas and want to see about setting something up, email me at and well see what we can come up with!! I could possibly work something out in the Kansas City area as well, so if that’s where you are and you are interested, let’s chat!! {I’m weird about posting the exact dates we’ll be out of town, but  email me if you are interested in scheduling a session and we’ll go from there!}

And on a completely different note…I’ve been birthday shopping for my favorite girl. I am trying to do most of it on Etsy this year. I have also decided that I am not going to buy a ton of “junk” this time around! I would rather get her fewer, more expensive gifts instead. So that is the story!!

Here is my first purchase!! It will be here before we head to Kansas…and she will be getting it early simply because I want to take her three year portraits while we are there and I want her to wear it!! Who knows…maybe I’ll wash it and wrap it up once we get  home and let her open it at her party anyway!!


Is this not the cutest outfit ever?! LOVE it!!! And so will she I am sure!! Gotta love that girly girl of mine! The designer is making up a cute little head scarf to go along with it!!

And then there is my obsession with hats that I have somehow managed to pass along to sweet Gentry girl! When I was looking through one of my favorite shops, I came across this bright number and KNEW it had to be one of her presents, despite the fact that her birthday is in July and we live in the desert! :) Total sweetness, don’t you agree? The fabulous creator of this little masterpiece is also whipping up a coordinating scarf in fun, bright colors! So, come November when it is actually cool enough to wear warm hats and scarves, we’ll be having a little photo shoot for sure!


That’s all I’ve bought so far. At least on Etsy. Don’t get me started on Cocobonbons and Gymboree!! I know, didn’t I just say I was trying to do all of my shopping for her on Etsy? Yes, I did. And I am. I only mentioned Gymbo because they are having a CRAZY sale right now!!! You better check it out! And if you happen to have a 20% off  coupon like I did, well, let’s just say you can’t NOT buy something! That is AT LEAST 50% off of everything, and more off the stuff that has been reduced already! {If you get Family Fun there was a coupon tucked in there!!} BUT…I was good. Everything I bought other than some sunglasses and panties is for next year. Every last bit. And what is Cocobonbons you ask? Why totally cute clothes, of course! It all started when my friend Julie had to go and introduce me to them…I had never even heard of the brand before but now am hooked! I am currently awaiting the arrival of my package so I can see this yumminess in person! Let’s just say that this line and this line are absoultey DARLING and I can’t wait to see the pieces I ordered on my beautiful girl!

Alright…the nuggets are getting restless. I took them both in for hair cuts today so that killed about an hour and a half {we had to wait}, but there are still a good two hours before Chris gets home. I am trying SUPER SUPER hard to be a better mom this summer and come up with activities for us. Yesterday it was the splash park, today was an outing to the salon {not too fun, I know, but at least we got out!!} and tomorrow is a playdate. Huntler has already asked when he gets to go back to school. Great. I decided not to put him in this summer after all but I can tell he is really going to miss it!! Hopefully time will fly!!

And remember, if you are in Kansas and want to get together for some photos, email me! I’d love to meet you!

Ta Ta For Now!

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